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Cassie Pike
Cielo Talent
Managing Director

Balazs brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to any business challenge. He has been a great partner for my team, upskilling our Recruiters through gamification and creating added value for our clients with strategic sourcing solutions.

Michael Huetsch
Riverstate Premium Recruiting

We massively improved our sourcing skills as a team during our week with Balazs. Every single member of our team took lots of new tools away for their daily business. Recommend it 100%! And lots of fun on top of it 😉

Xenia Coudrille
Philip Morris International
Global Talent Sourcing Lead EU & EEMEA

Anyone who needs to upskill on more niche areas of sourcing or who wants a general refresher on how to approach candidate searches would benefit from a session with Balazs!

Neil Casey
Global Head of Sourcing

Balazs’ unique expertise was a great help to us, in defining the structure, value mapping, delivery metrics and played a key role in setting the model up for success.

OUR BATtle-tested diagnosis process

Data analysis





Technology overview

The OUTCOME of a diagnosis

During the day-to-day hustle, it’s easy to lose sight of what is going well, and what are the problem areas. After a diagnosis, the diagnostics team will deliver an unbiased picture of how you are performing, what are your strengths and weaknesses.

How you are doing it is only half of the story. What is different for your business competitors and other companies gunning for the same talent? The candidate will only choose one employer – how do you stack up against them? What are they doing better or worse?

Everything that is discovered during the process is yours to keep. The handover is a series of often tough discussions supported by a wide array of materials: documents, slides, spreadsheets. You’ll learn all about the methods, considerations and conclusions of the diagnosis phase, and the Source Code Agency team will investigate and cover all follow-up questions you have.

At the end of the diagnosis phase not only will you have clarity on the current situation and the desired outcome, but you will also receive a roadmap about how you can connect the two. Is the ideal next step a process overhaul? A skill training? A new technology? It depends, and we will help you find out and prioritize.

The roadmap includes several projects that will help take your sourcing organization to the next level. The Source Code Agency team is here for you to help with planning, implementing and following up on these changes.

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